10 Artists Who Caught Companies And Fake Artists Shamelessly Copying Their Work And Selling It

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It’s become nearly impossible not to stumble upon cheap knockoffs while shopping for almost anything. And it’s not only the small unknown companies that do it. Giants like Forever21, New Look, and even Disney have been caught doing the same as well.

The guys over at Bored Panda have compiled a list of people who ended up on the receiving end of these copycats, who decided to make some money out of somebody else’s hard work.

Do you have a story of your own to add to the list? Let’s talk in the comments.


1 Art By Katie Woodger Stolen By Disney

Image source: Katie-Woodger

2 Woman Steals Artwork From Artist Ryan Conners, Paints Flowers On Top Of It And Sells Products With It As Her Own

Image source: kilkennycat

3 Zara Steals Tuesday Bassen’s Artwork

Image source: tuesdaybassen

4 First Official Art Thief

Image source: dkaism

5 Lili Chin’s Illustrations “Doggie Language” On Kohl’s T-Shirts

Image source: Lili Chin

6 This “Artist”

Image source: EgotisticalKarp

7 Company Stealing Artwork From Artist

Image source: gemmacorrell

8 Forever21 Gone Wild

Image source: samlarson

9 Ford Steals Firewatch Artwork For A Promotional Ad

Image source: Panic Inc

10 Fashion Label Brandy Melville Knocked Off The Artist Brain Foetus By Placing Her Embroidered Piece On Their Top

Image source: brainfoetus.tumblr.com