10 Animals That Are So Round They’ll Roll Straight Into Your Heart

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What you’re seeing is not the work of some magic or Photoshop, these animals are actually perfectly round. There’s nothing better than looking like a fluffy ball of cuteness and these animals are ready to show it off, cause, baby, they were born this way!

While predators come in all shapes and sizes, these adorable round creatures surely would not hurt a fly. From purrfectly round cats, to fluffy hamsters that look like cotton balls, Bored Panda collected these fluffy creatures to brighten your day.


1 Perfect Snowball


2 These Chinchillas

Cameron’s chinchillas

3 Round Owl


4 Round Japanese Flying Squirrel

Pop Shiretoko

5 A Ball Of Bearded Reedling


6 Seal Pup

Keren Su

7 Round White Cat

8 Round Pregnant Guinea Pig


9 Bichon Tori


10 Round Bird


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