1 Of 100 Street Artists Has Started Work On An Abandoned Castle In France Which Will Soon Be Painted Inside-Out

Posted on Art 17

An abandoned castle in Loire Valley, a historic district in France, has just been injected with extraordinary street art by a some of the top graffiti artists around. And the one responsible for these two huge colorful skulls occupying the castle’s facade is Okuda San Miguel.

His monumental mural is called “Skull in the Mirror” and it has become an invitation card for the LaBel Valette Festival, organized by Urban Art Paris. Starting on September 1st, a group of 100 street artists will join Okuda in decorating the 10,000 square meters (around 108,000 square feet) of a castle in Pressigny-les-Pins that’s been abandoned for the last 30 years.

This is far from the first Okuda’s massive graffiti project though, among many others that you can find on his Instagram, he also helped turn an abandoned church into this amazing skate park.

More info: okudart.es | instagram | demilked (h/t: ufunk)